Assessing Scientific Enquiry Skills

Cassie's investigationFollow this sequence when assessing scientific enquiry

  1. Decide which investigative skill you want to focus on - don't try to assess mor ethan one at a time
  2. Read the different level descriptions for this skill until you find the one that best fits the piece of work you are assessing
  3. If the child shows they have achieved part of the level but some parts of the work are the level below, give a sub-level of c. If some parts of the work are the level above give a sub-level of a
  4. Use the description of the level higher than the piece of work to write a comment to the child about how they could improve their work

Cassie's Example

Cassie carried out an investigation into the effect of wind resistance on different vehicles. She let them roll down a slope and measured how far they went before they came to a stop. As part of the written work, Cassie had to answer two questions:

  1. A prediction before the tests: "What do you think will happen?"
  2. The result of the investigation: "What did you find out?"

In this example, Carrie's prediction was proved incorrect by the investigation.

Let's assess Cassie's answers...