Assessing Scientific Enquiry Skills

Cassie's Work

What do you think will happen?

I think the lorry will travel further because the wind will travel up over the fairing so the lorry can go further.

Cassie's answer

What did you find out?

The car travelled the furthest because it was more streamlined than the lorry.

Cassie's answer

1. Assessment skill

Which investigative skill is to be focused on?

In this case, the teacher has chosen to assess Considering Evidence

2. Level Descriptors

What do the level descriptors say?

Level 1

Respond to what they see by talking about it or making simple pictures or diagrams.

Level 2

Make simple comparisons, for example saying which is best. Can say if this is what they expected or not.

Level 3

Provide explanations for their findings; be able to explain shortcomings in their methods.

Level 4

Display results in a (simple) graph and use to explain findings; relate conclusion to scientific knowledge; suggest improvments.

Which level does Cassie's first answer best match?

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