Children's artwork
“The principal goal of education is to create people who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done – people who are creative, inventive discoverers.” Piaget

Creativity is about making something new and original. This could be a design, object, system or process, a piece of writing, music or art. It involves creative thinking to apply knowledge and skills to a new situation. In science the expected outcome may be known by the teacher but children use creative thinking to discover for themselves how scientific ideas develop.

  • Creative children
  • Creative thinking
  • Creative teachers
Tying knots

Creative children...

  • have the imagination to see things in new ways, recognise patterns and make connections;
  • are self motivated and persevere to carry out something for its own sake rather than for an external reward;
  • have an experimental disposition and are curious, willing to speculate and take risks.
Creative thinking

Creative thinkers...

  • new ways of thinking, finding new starting points;
  • new ways to link and sort information;
  • follow intuition to go beyond the information given.
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Teachers may want to start an activity with creative input; involve children in a creative process as they think through an investigation or ask children to report their conclusions as creative output.

The CCI Project science units are written to include many creative activities. Most activity packs start with an engaging introduction to an investigation. Children are encouraged to think through practical situations and present their findings in different ways.

So how does this relate to creative science?