A method cartoon

Cartoon drawn by child
Drawn by pupil, captions dictated to adult

This example is taken from Kitchen Concoctions. Children have already investigated mince pies and cream, and it is time to clean up the kitchen. A useable soap is made from soap ‘noodles’ as a way of finding out how cleaning products can be made.

This is an interesting, satisfying activity, and describing it using cartoon format reflects the enjoyment children obtain from making soap that they can then take home. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Supporting Children with the Activity

Cartoon template
Template to help with size

Children can look at how information can be presented using a cartoon approach. ‘Real’ comics can be used to help children understand the comic-strip format, and the different styles used. Where children have difficulty with drawing people, they can be encouraged to draw only the apparatus.

If a child has difficulty with writing, you could suggest they draw the cartoon and then dictate the words they would like to use either to you or a classroom support assistant.

Children may not be sure about size and length. A template can be used, including some prompts about content.


As an alternative, a digital camera can be used to take photographs of the activity. These can then be used to construct a photo-story, such as can be found in some magazines. The photographs can be positioned on a page, and speech bubbles added.

A photo-story could also be produced as a presentation, with background music, spoken commentary or dialogue.

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Cartoon drawn by child
Cartoon drawn and captioned by child
Cartoon drawn by child
Cartoon drawn and captioned by child

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