A wanted poster

In this topic children read the newspaper article Mouldy food produces new medicine and share what they know about microorganisms. They discuss how microorganisms are both harmful (food decay, food poisoning and disease) and beneficial (flavour food, produce antibiotics and inhabit intestines) and go on to investigate the conditions needed for microorganisms to grow.

This activity provides an opportunity for children to summarise what they know about microorganisms as a wanted poster.

Supporting the activity

Children may require some support to begin this task. It may help children to show them a few examples of wanted posters so they can see how they are set out.

You could provide children with some prompts to help them organise their thinking (although this may make the activity less creative).

Name... , Alias... , Wanted for... , Description...

Last seen..., Caution!..., Reward...


Wanted poster
An example of a wanted poster

large version

Children may need to know what a wanted poster looks like!

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