Children's Drawings

Children were asked to draw what they thought the outside of an industrial site would look like both beforeand after undertaking the CCI project. Some of the results are shown here, with commentary.

Example 1

Factory before Factory drawing after visit

Before starting the CCI project, this child portrayed a very 'Dickensian' image of industry that was typical of many of the children's pictures. The building drawn was dark and sombre with many smoking chimneys.

After finishing this drawing, the class completed the Water for Industry topic and an industrial visit.

After the project, the same child's drawing is much more detailed and less stereotypical. The numbers of windows and chimneys were reduced, the company name appears together with a worker correctly dressed in the attire of a BP worker (including hard hat). There are waterways evident and storage tanks marked 'Asitic acid' (acetic acid). There is also a cooling tower.

Example 2

Drawing before project Drawing after project

This child was asked to show how they thought salt is obtained.

Before intervention the child's view was that salt was recovered from the sea. This is very typical when children are asked where salt comes from. Very few children know about 'solution mining'!

After visiting a sugar-processing site, the child has a greater knowledge of the industry, depicting buildings, pipes, diggers, forklifts, fenced areas and roadways. The child has also drawn two chimneys, which is a realistic interpretation of what they have seen.