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In 1994, a MORI poll, indicating that the public perception of the chemical industry remained at a low level, inspired an industrialist to action. Tom Swan, of the chemical company Thomas Swan & Company Ltd, invited the Chemical Industry Education Centre (CIEC) to initiate a project that would tackle this public perception by working with young children.

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Thomas Swan factory drawingSince the Children Challenging Industry project began, research studies have been carried out in order to establish its effectiveness.

Some of these looked in particular at how children's perceptions of industry changed during their involvement with the project, and others looked at the effect on children's learning, including the impact on SATs results.

"I like science more now because the topic we have done was really interesting - the best topic I've ever done in science"
"I thought it was an excellent opportunity for children to recognise how many of the scientific concepts they are taught apply to real life"

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Initial project study: executive summary

Five years on study

Analysis of children's drawings

Also see the Impact of CCI on SATs results

Harnessing children's scientific imagination

A report exploring children's attitudes towards science through polling and interviews, in collaboration with Shell Education

Full report

Executive summary


Girl working at science"I thought science would have been hard and boring because of the questions but now I love it because of the work and challenges and experiments." (Billingham, Jan 2006)

"I like science more now because we got to do fun science experiments and figure most of it out ourselves." (Tees Valley, Autumn 2005)

"I like science more because I learnt a lot of things and I understand more about heat exchanging, clean water and sealants." (Whinstone, November 2005 )

"I like it more because I have seen what you do in industry." (Huddersfield, Summer 2006)

"The thing I did not like was when Mrs Waller [CCI advisory teacher] left because I was having so much fun." (Middlesborough, Summer 2006)

Teachers trying practical work"The classroom sessions were excellent. The children learnt a great deal, developed their investigation skills and enjoyed themselves. The site visit was very well organised and staffed." (Y5 Teacher, Middlesborough, Autumn 2005)

"Children could see the value of science as not just another school subject but something that happened in the 'real world'." (Class teacher, Hartlepool)

Industry workers drawing

"It has been really fun and experimenting is a good way to learn about science"
"I like science more because it is so so so so cool."