Using Resources

This section contains some short activities that can be used to introduce topics and practise investigative skills. Each activity takes just a few minutes and can be run on interactive whiteboards for whole class use, or on individual computers for individual or small group use.

Teacher input will help to get the most from the activities but children may also work on them independently. Teachers' notes are provided to offer guidance about the content of the presentations and to highlight the links to specific investigations.

You'll also find online activities for children at the The Challenge Club Challenge Club

On-line resources

Some resources are intended to be viewed only on-line, and are directly accessed through the tabs on the pages in the topic bank, or through the skills bank.

These resources require:

  • an active internet connection
  • a flash-player

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Off-line resources

Resources available in the download section of a topic may be saved for future use. The saved copy will be usable without requiring an internet connection.

The majority of these are either MS PowerPoint presentation files or PDF documents

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PowerPoint resources are in 97-2003 file format and will work in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. Depending on your security settings, you may need to enable active content for the animations to work.

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PDF documents are non-editable and may be viewed using the free Adobe Reader (link opens new window or tab)

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