A Pinch of Salt

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Chips and saltA Pinch of Salt

A cross-currircular approach to salt. Children do a range of investigations whilst learning about solutions, evaporation, filtration and fair testing. These science activities are linked to further work in English, mathematics, technology, history, geography and religious education.

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A Pinch of Salt

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Resource Media type Resource size Notes
Topic Introduction PowerPoint icon (PowerPoint) 275 kB Presentation to help introduce the topic: A Pinch of Salt
Topic Introduction: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 89 kB Teachers' notes on introducing A Pinch of Salt
Effect of salt on ice: planning board PowerPoint icon (pdf) 104 kB Drag-and-drop planning board for the investigation into the effect of salt on ice
Planning board: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 92 KB Teachers' notes on using the drag-and-drop planning board for the investigation
Thermometers PowerPoint icon(PowerPoint) 200 kB Presentation to help children understand how to use a thermometer correctly
Thermometers: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 81 kB Teachers' Notes on using the thermometer presentation
Measuring cylinders PowerPoint icon(PowerPoint) 227 kB Presentation to help children understand how to use the scales on a measuring cylinder
Measuring cylinders: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 80 kB Teachers' Notes on using the measuring cylinder presentation



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