Plastics Playtime

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Plastic recycling box Plastics Playtime

Children test and classify plastics before investigating their thermal insulation and shock resistance properties. The children then design, make and test a package for a fragile object, using plastics and other materials.

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Plastics Playtime

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Resource Media type Resource size Notes
Sorting plastics: Introduction PowerPoint icon (PowerPoint) 333 kB A presentation to help introduce the plastic sorting challenge activity
Sorting plastics introduction: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 88 kB Teachers' notes on using Sorting plastics: Introduction
Best insulator: Introduction PowerPoint icon (PowerPoint) 118 kB Sets the scene for the Best Insulator Challenge
Best insulator Introduction: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 81 KB Teachers' notes on Best insulator: Introduction

Best insulator: Planning board

PowerPoint icon(PowerPoint) 74 kB Drag-and-drop planning board similar to on-line planning board animation
Best insulator Planning board: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 92 kB Teachers' Notes on using the planning board



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