Healthy drinks and tasty toothpaste

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Healthy Drinks and Tasty Toothpaste

Smiling boy with teeth missingBy looking at a real life context of a toothpaste manufacturer wanting to develop an appealing toothpaste that provides maximum protection against the effect of sugar in drinks, the children investigate how acid causes tooth decay, the ingredients for toothpaste and the effectiveness of a variety of toothpastes.

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Tasty Toothpaste

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Resource Media type Resource size Notes
Tooth-friendly drinks challenge: Introduction PowerPoint icon (PowerPoint) 3.88 MB Presentation that introduces some of the jobs in industry that are used in the challenge. Asks the children to investigate the effects of different drinks on teeth
Tooth-friendly drinks challenge: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 91 kB Teachers' notes on using Tooth-friendly drinks challenge
Toothpaste design challenge: Introduction PowerPoint icon (PowerPoint) 269 kB Sets the scene for the investigation to design the best toothpaste
Toothpaste design challenge: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 81 KB Teachers' notes on Toothpaste design challenge

Planning board

PowerPoint icon(PowerPoint) 89 kB Drag-and-drop planning board similar to on-line planning board animation
Planning board: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 93 kB Teachers' Notes on using the planning board



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