Topic Bank

All of the topics show how science in the classroom can be linked to the real world of industry.

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Skills Bank

Feel the forceSome of the resources available within the topics also have more general application, as they focus on skills such measuring correctly with a ruler, forcemeter and so on.

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All of the topic resources are available as pdf downloads.


Planning Board

Electronic post-it planning boards for whole class planning can be downloaded here.

Planning board instructions (in pdf format)

Planning board PowerPoint

Note: Browsers and computers are trying really hard to protect you from naughty people, so to use this PowerPoint planning board you will need to:

  1. Download the PowerPoint presentation file (Windows users: Right-Click, Mac users Ctrl-Click and choose Save Link As...)
  2. Open the presentation, and if you receive a security warning about 'Macros and ActiveX', please choose to enable the active content (this is NOT normally the recommended option, but the file has been checked).
  3. If you do choose not to enable the active content, the planning board won't work and you will need to download a fresh copy.

Note for techies: If you don't like using .pps files, you can change the extension to .ppt (not pptx) but the board will only work when the presentation is run.