Water for Industry

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Water for IndustryCooling towers

By following a 'water cycle' from a reservoir, through an industrial site where it is treated, used as cooling water, and treated again before being returned to a river, the children investigate corrosion of materials, filtration techniques, heat exchange and carry out an extension activity on pH adjustment to regulate the acidity of the water.

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Water for Industry

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Water for Industry : Introduction PowerPoint icon (PowerPoint) 324 kB Presentation to help introduce the topic
Water for Industry Introduction: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 89 kB Teachers' notes on using Water for Industry: Introduction
Planning board: Best method for filtering PowerPoint icon (PowerPoint) 76 kB Drag-and-drop planning board for investigation into the best method for filtering water
Planning board: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 95 kB Teachers' notes on using Planning Board: Best method for filtering
Using a thermometer PowerPoint icon (PowerPoint) 283 kB Presentation to help think about the correct way to use a thermometer
Using a thermometer: Notes PDF icon (pdf) 81 KB Teachers' notes on Using a thermometer


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