Graphs: Activities for Children

Web-based activities are available here to help children tackle graphs. The topic has been developed specifically to help with the KS2-3 transition stage. The help section can be used to support any topic where graphs are required.


The scenario for this activity is a chemical company that makes a material that is unstable and need to be kept cool. Children look at how to draw a graph showing how the freezing point of water is affected by the use of an antifreeze agent, and use this to work out what strength solution is needed.

Links to the graph help section are included, as are demonstrations of the correct way to produce the graph and obtain a value for the required concentration.

Supercooling activity (new window/tab)


The main help section shows how to produce a range of graph types. Children are led step by step through making a graph, and are then asked to interpret a similar graph. Their responses can be self-checked immediatley and repeatedly.

Graphs and charts help (new window/tab)

Online graphs

In addition to the help section, a facility is provided that will produce simple bar and line graphs from data entered by the user.

Online graphs (new window/tab)